Exploring Unconventional Insurance Policies Around the Globe

Insurance typically brings to mind traditional areas like health, auto, home, and life coverage. However, the insurance landscape is far more diverse and imaginative than commonly perceived. Some policies are so unconventional that they almost seem fictional. This article explores some of the most peculiar and extraordinary insurance policies from around the world.

Alien Abduction Insurance

Believe it or not, some insurance companies offer policies that cover abduction by extraterrestrial beings. While this may sound like a plot from a science fiction movie, there are individuals who take this coverage seriously. In the event of an alien abduction, certain policies may pay out a significant sum to designated beneficiaries.

Why Do People Buy Alien Abduction Insurance?

The primary reason is peace of mind. For those who genuinely consider the possibility of alien encounters, this insurance provides a sense of security. Additionally, it can serve as a quirky conversation starter.

Zombie Apocalypse Insurance

Given the popularity of zombie-themed entertainment, it’s not surprising that there are insurance policies tailored for a hypothetical zombie apocalypse. These policies typically cover expenses such as survival gear, temporary relocation, and even fortifying your home against zombies.

What Does Zombie Apocalypse Insurance Cover?

Coverage usually includes:

– Cost of weapons and ammunition
– Emergency supplies
– Relocation to a safe area
– Repairs for property damage caused by zombies

Celebrity Body Parts Insurance

Many celebrities insure specific body parts critical to their careers. For example, singers may insure their vocal cords, while models might insure their legs or smiles. This type of insurance ensures financial compensation if these body parts suffer damage.

Examples of Celebrity Body Parts Insurance

– Vocal cords: Singers like Mariah Carey have insured their vocal cords for millions.
– Legs: Supermodel Heidi Klum’s legs are reportedly insured for a substantial amount.
– Smile: Actress Julia Roberts’ smile is insured for a significant sum.

Insurance for Unusual Pets

Beyond common pets like cats and dogs, some owners insure exotic pets such as snakes, parrots, and even tigers. This insurance covers veterinary costs, theft, and sometimes liability for any damage caused by the pets.

Why Insure Exotic Pets?

Exotic pets often require specialized care, which can be costly. Insurance helps owners manage these expenses and ensures their pets receive proper treatment.

Wedding Insurance

Weddings involve considerable expense and complexity, and many things can go wrong. Wedding insurance covers various mishaps, including cancellations, vendor issues, and weather-related problems.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

– Cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances
– Vendor failures to deliver services
– Weather-related postponements or relocations

Haunted House Insurance

This unique policy is designed for properties reputed to be haunted. Haunted house insurance covers damages attributed to ghosts or other supernatural occurrences, and may also include costs for exorcisms or spiritual interventions.

Why Buy Haunted House Insurance?

For owners of famously haunted properties, this insurance offers protection against unexpected occurrences and can capitalize on the property’s eerie reputation.

Body Part Insurance for Athletes

Similar to celebrities, athletes often insure their most valuable body parts. For instance, soccer players might insure their legs, while boxers might insure their hands to protect their livelihood if injury prevents them from playing.

Examples of Athlete Body Part Insurance

– Legs: Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has insured his legs for millions.
– Hands: Boxer Floyd Mayweather has insured his hands.


The realm of insurance encompasses a plethora of unusual and unique policies that cater to diverse needs and concerns. From alien abductions to zombie apocalypses and beyond, these extraordinary policies highlight the creativity and diversity within the industry. Whether purchased for peace of mind, practical protection, or simply for amusement, these policies demonstrate that there’s an insurance solution for almost any imaginable scenario.

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