Visit to Oppo Factory in Indonesia Validates the Quality of Find N3 Series, According to Najwa Shihab

Oppo, a global leader in smartphone manufacturing, remains dedicated to innovation and delivering top-tier products to consumers. Recently, prominent Indonesian journalist Najwa Shihab visited Oppo’s factory in Indonesia to observe the production process of their latest series, the Find N3. This visit has garnered significant attention as it sheds light on Oppo’s meticulous quality assurance methods.


Significance of the Visit

Transparency and Trust

Najwa Shihab’s visit underscores Oppo’s commitment to transparency in the digital age, where consumers increasingly demand clarity about product origins and quality. By inviting journalists to witness the production firsthand, Oppo aims to foster trust and confidence among its customer base.

Validation of Quality

The Find N3 series represents one of Oppo’s flagship offerings. By showcasing the manufacturing process and stringent quality controls, Oppo reaffirms its dedication to excellence and technological advancement, crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in the market.


Production Process at Oppo Factory

Selection of Raw Materials

Critical to smartphone production is the meticulous selection of raw materials. Oppo ensures that every component, from metals to electronic parts, meets rigorous quality standards. During her visit, Najwa Shihab observed these materials being scrutinized and tested before integration into the manufacturing process.

Assembly and Quality Assurance

At Oppo’s facility, assembly involves precise stages where small components are delicately installed and software thoroughly tested. Each unit undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure flawless performance before reaching consumers, a process Najwa Shihab witnessed firsthand.

Utilization of Advanced Technology

Oppo employs cutting-edge technology throughout its production line, leveraging automation and robotics to enhance efficiency and precision. This technological integration minimizes human error, ensures product consistency, and optimizes production workflows, aspects highlighted during Najwa Shihab’s tour.


Advantages of Oppo Find N3 Series

Design and Innovation

The Find N3 series boasts sophisticated and innovative designs, blending aesthetics with functionality. Oppo prioritizes premium materials and sleek aesthetics to distinguish its products in the competitive smartphone market.

High Performance

Equipped with state-of-the-art processors, substantial RAM, and ample storage capacity, the Find N3 series guarantees optimal performance across various applications. Najwa Shihab’s testing affirmed the device’s swift responsiveness and robust capabilities.

Noteworthy Features

The Find N3 series excels in features such as advanced camera systems, vibrant AMOLED displays, and long-lasting batteries, catering to photography enthusiasts and multimedia consumers alike.

Impact of Najwa Shihab’s Visit

Enhancing Consumer Trust

Najwa Shihab’s visit serves as tangible proof of Oppo’s unwavering commitment to quality and reliability. By providing insights into the production process, Oppo strengthens consumer confidence in their products’ integrity and performance.

Positive Brand Perception

Public figures like Najwa Shihab play a pivotal role in enhancing Oppo’s brand reputation. Their endorsement of Oppo’s quality standards bolsters the company’s image as a trustworthy and forward-thinking smartphone manufacturer.

Driving Interest in Find N3

Media coverage stemming from Najwa Shihab’s visit amplifies consumer interest in the Find N3 series. Her detailed observations and endorsements help prospective buyers understand the device’s strengths and advantages, encouraging consideration and adoption.


Najwa Shihab’s visit to Oppo’s Indonesian factory provides invaluable insights into Oppo’s meticulous production processes, particularly for the Find N3 series. By emphasizing transparency and quality assurance, Oppo solidifies its position as a leader in the smartphone industry, offering consumers high-performance devices renowned for their innovation and reliability.

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